Revelation: and then the world is no more

Today we move on from the seven churches and the seven seals to seven trumpets – the next scene to be revealed in this mind-blowing sequence. The passage is Revelation 8:2-11:18. And this scene is all about a warning for the world.

in his book ‘The Message of Revelation’, Michael Wilcock puts out that the order in which these scenes are written down is not necessarily a chronological order. If some of these events are happening simultaneously, then John would have to take each element of the scene in turn. These seven events could be seen as seven different aspects of the same situations as revealed by the seven seals (like two sides of the same coin – these seals focusing on the perspective of the church and the trumpets focusing on the world for those who don’t believe). There are so many different interpretations out there about the order of all of this and we are never going to get to a definitive answer.

Trumpet #1>the earth stricken

Trumpet #2>the sea stricken

Trumpet #3>the rivers stricken

Trumpet #4>the sky stricken

Fearful damage is done to the land and its vegetation, the sea and its ships, the waters which men drink, and the light by which they see – their environment, commerce, resources, and vision. But the damage is partial (‘one third’), not total; which seems to show that the Trumpets are sounding not doom, but warning.  Michael Wilcock, page 95

This is judgement. But only partial. There’s a chance to repent. This is a world being offered mercy.

And yet still people do not learn. They do not turn away from their wrongdoing.

Trumpet #5>torment

Trumpet #6>destruction

And yet still people do not learn. They do not turn away from their wrongdoing.

Irredeemable wickedness cannot go unpunished. We must pray for justice to be done. And it will be done.

Trumpet #7>the world is no more

This is the ‘final and overwhelming display’ of the majesty of God. (page 107)

“The kingdom of the world has become
the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah,
and he will reign for ever and ever.”  Revelation 11:15

This is good news. Have a listen to these words sung out loud and bold in The Hallelujah Chorus and be encouraged.


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