The Difference A Baby Makes….

This baby has changed my world. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

I’d seen the change in those around me who’d become grandparents: my sister, my sister-in-law, my friends. I’d seen the look in their eyes when they’d talked about their grandchildren, when they couldn’t stop talking about their grandchildren!

I just couldn’t see myself being that way.

And to be honest, the timing was all wrong. This wasn’t how we’d imagined.

When I found out my daughter was pregnant, I was consumed with anxiety and fear. How was she going to be able to cope? How was this going to affect my life? What would be expected of me?

I wasn’t ready. And I didn’t feel she was ready either.

But oh my word, how my daughter has proved me wrong! This baby has changed her beyond recognition – before and after the birth. My daughter has made me so so proud. She has grown this incredible, beautiful treasure inside her and has cared for her since that very first moment she found out she was pregnant. She’s made sacrifices, given stuff up, put up with the discomfort, prepared for her arrival in every way possible….and now her baby is the centre of her universe.

And from the moment I first saw this vulnerable little bundle of new life, I was overwhelmed with love. She melted my heart right there in the delivery room. I am besotted with her. I can’t stop thinking about her. When I’m with her, I can’t stop staring at her. I would do anything for her.

I normally find this time of year incredibly difficult. I suffer from low mood and low energy that is seasonally affected. I struggle to prepare for Christmas, both physically and emotionally. But this year is different. This year, I am happy. I am content. I am optimistic. I’m excited for the day ahead every single day. I’m excited for Christmas.

This baby has changed me. Has changed my life, has changed my world.

And of course, at this time of year, we begin to think about the birth of another baby – a baby that has changed hearts and lives all over the world for thousands of years.

What a difference the birth of that baby made and continues to make!

I’m so excited to be writing about the birth of this baby in the month of December and hope that you will join me on this journey.

It’s not going to be a traditional nine lessons and carols kind of format. We’ll take this well-known story (that is possibly two familiar) and look at it from all sorts of different angles to see the impact it can have on our lives today. It’s going to be a great preparation for Christmas on a spiritual level, at a time when the spiritual can be pushed out by all the excitement and preparations.

We’re going to take the first four books of the Bible at the same time and see what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have to see about this very special birth (some a lot more than others!).

December is coming. I hope that you will make this journey with me part of your advent routine, just like your advent calendar and your advent candle.

I’m so excited for this adventure!



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3 Responses

  1. Linda Clark says:

    Join the club of besotted grandparents. The joy of spending time with a grandchild is immeasurable. My grandson will come to the cinema with me at nearly sixteen. I am so proud of him and the delightful young man he is growing into xXxX

  2. Eileen Ridley says:

    Oh Helen, how I empathise. My Grandson has rocked my world in ways I didn’t believe possible. Congratulations. Life will never be the same again. Wishing you every blessing xx

  3. Rebecca says:

    So very wonderful!

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