ACTS 25: List ten reasons that you know that Jesus is alive

So here we are on the final stretch of this journey through the Book of Acts – it’s certainly quite a ride!

We continue to read a chapter a day and I’ll provide a link to the chapter in the NIV(UK) version, but you can of course read the chapter in whatever version you like. I’ve been sharing some short reflections, but the important part is the last part: ACTION.

Just a week of these challenges left – I wonder what challenges are in store for us! 

READ: Acts 25

REFLECTION: No one knows what to do with Paul. The Jews know what they would like to do with him if they could get their hands on him, but from outside the Jewish religious institution, Paul’s case is a mystery. Festus can’t see what all the fuss is about. The charges against Paul cannot be upheld. There is no proof that he’s done anything wrong. Festus is looking for a way to pass this responsibility on to someone else. No way will Paul return to Jerusalem. No way will he get a fair hearing there. He’d rather appeal to Caesar.

It makes me wonder if some of the issues that cause disagreement and division in the church today seem incomprehensible and insignificant to those outside the church. And maybe they’re right. Maybe we could use a different viewpoint to gain some perspective.

ACTION: List ten reasons that you know that Jesus is alive

This dispute with the Jewish leaders is all about ‘a dead man named Jesus whom Paul claimed was alive’.

We too believe that Jesus is alive.

But how do we know? How can we be sure?

Write a list today of ten reasons that you know that Jesus is alive.



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