Glory. Not a word we use very often. Maybe in a football chant – ‘Glory glory Man United’ – when it’s all about winning and success and victory and being the best and supremacy. That’s part of it I guess.

We sing a song at church that has in it the line ‘Let your glory fall in this room’. I wonder if this is what we expect when we sing it –

glory 1When Solomon finished praying, a bolt of lightning out of heaven struck the Whole-Burnt-Offering and sacrifices and the Glory of God filled The Temple. The Glory was so dense that the priests couldn’t get in—God so filled The Temple that there was no room for the priests! When all Israel saw the fire fall from heaven and the Glory of God fill The Temple, they fell on their knees, bowed their heads, and worshipped, thanking God:

Yes! God is good!
His love never quits!  2 Chronicles 7:1-3

glory 2That’s sounds mind-blowing and pretty scary! Awe-inspiring is probably a better word. The people’s natural response is to kneel, bow down, worship and give thanks. If we truly experienced the glory of God, or even got a glimpse of it, that would be our natural response too.

Be still for the presence of the Lord
The Holy One is here
Come bow before Him now
With reverence and fear
In Him no sin is found
We stand on holy ground
Be still for the presence of the Lord
The Holy One is here

Be still for the glory of the Lord
Is shining all around
He burns with holy fire
With splendour He is crowned
How awesome is the sight
Our radiant King of light
Be still for the glory of the Lord
Is shining all around

Be still for the power of the Lord
Is moving in this place
He comes to cleanse and heal
To minister His grace
No work too hard for Him
In faith receive from Him
Be still for the power of the Lord

is moving in this place.

Words like this became so familiar, we may not even notice what we are singing. Words come so easy. This is one of my favourite songs – for me, the music and words work together to help me move beyond who I am in that moment and where I am in that moment to stand in the presence of God – and my natural response is to worship and give thanks.

gloriousGlory is to do with light and radiance. We talk about a glorious day when the sun is shining and the world is radiant. The passage talks of lightning and fire but a physical presence too – God taking up the space so the priests can’t get in…..I have no understanding or experience of that at all.

I don’t know if we anticipate God’s glory to be shining all around. Maybe we don’t open our eyes to see it. Maybe we don’t expect to experience it. Maybe we are not open to it, not looking for it.

Be careful what you wish for though.

Seeing the glory of God demands a response.

glory selmaExperiencing the hope of the glory of God will change you.

The promise of God’s glory will demand a response. It will transform you. It will bring about the remarkable.

No idea what I’m talking about? Have a look at this video and see how the hope of God’s glory in the hearts of individuals changed history – ‘Glory’

Be inspired.

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